Portuguese students visiting to Las Cañadas del Teide #temiseducation #erasmus #Tenerife ... See MoreSee Less

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Portuguese students visiting to Santa Cruz de Tenerife #temiseducation #erasmus #Tenerife ... See MoreSee Less

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Monday, June 20th, 2016 at 12:28pm
Con estudiantes Portugueses de excursión a Candelaria y Las Cañadas del Teide #temiseducation.com
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Some Facts About Temis Education™


❝ Who We Are . . .

  • We are an institution that works towards educational and cultural development worldwide!
  • We have commitment regarding the progress and formation of national and international students, through collaboration and participation in European Educational Projects*, Youth Exchanges and Language Camps.
  • We provide administrative, advisory and logistical services to schools and public or private organizations whom are interested or already involved in educational projects such as *Erasmus+.


❝ Where We Are . . .





 Temis Education™ is formed by SIX different organizations around the globe!

Ahul Felawen: a non profit association  working for the cultural and professional integration of society; based in Tenerife, Canary Islands. Read more…


Erasmus International: this entity performs as a branch for Temis Education™ with EU projects across the United Kingdom, with base in Liverpool. Read more…


Temis International Education: this company’s mission is to help with the demands for expansion and knowledge within our cosmopolitan students. Based in Dublin, Ireland. Read more… 


Ventura International Camps:  This entity´s main goals are languages. English or Spanish summer camps… They’re simply our must have programs!! Just choose between our locations Spain, UK or Ireland. Read more…


Ventura International Foundation: a non profit association dedicated to promoting equality, union and progress in European society; based in Spain. Read more… 


Ventura International Group: this company works as a cross-continental link, encouraging and promoting the cultural and educational exchange between both continents; located in Delaware, United States. Read more…




See more ABOUT us . . .



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